10 wedding tips your photographer wants you to know


It's always better to have more time than to be rushing. You never know when you'll get stuck in traffic on the way to your venue or even end up spending 15 more minutes on your hair and makeup. Building in enough time for all the photos that you want is important. You'll want to be calm and happy in your photos, not stressed and pressed for time. If you’d like to take photos outside during the cocktail hour make sure that you have at least 45 minutes - more if you have a large bridal party or lots of close family members. If you would like a shot at sunset remember that you may need to sneak away from your reception and get that shot, so leave in a little extra time for that as well.


If you have guests that have difficulty standing and waiting, it’s best to take photos with them first, then move on to bridal parties. That way, once we snap a few quick photos they don’t need to hang around. Consider having someone (best man) bring a few chairs to the location of the post ceremony photo if you have guests who might need them. If you have children in your wedding party, its a good idea to prepare for their needs. If something like a snack works, choose something that's not messy or sticky of course! Another option for children is a small gift -something that would look good in photos (such as an adorable teddy bear with a bow in your weddings accent color) Keeping little ones happy and smiling will be worth the effort, and will help work wonders for your photos.


This one sounds really simple. It's your wedding, of course you have a plan, right? Spur of the moment creative ideas are fantastic, however they can be tricky. Adding last minute photo opps, such as stopping on the way to the main venue or trying to gather guests who have already gone to the cocktail hour can cause you stress. Nobody wants stress on the most beautiful day of their lives. If you let your guests and your photographer know your plan of what your looking for, things will go more smoothly.


If posing for photos does not come natural to you, consider practicing. Trying out those 'bending over and kissing' photos can help make you feel less awkward on your wedding day. An engagement shoot will prepare you for being in the spot light, as you’ll get more comfortable working with your photographer. Another way to prepare for great photos is to look at photos of yourself or others that you love, and remember that pose.


Just because it's your day doesn't mean you have to do everything.

This tip will help relieve so much stress. Appoint a member of your bridal party as the photographer’s helper. They will not need to do much. They can be especially helpful for those moments when members of the bridal party or family need to be gathered for a shot.

6. Make-up

Be sure to bring your make-up with you for touch ups. If you have a make-up artist, you need to remember that they might be gone well before its time for a touch up, and at the very least a foundation powder to prevent shine in photos, and lipstick are essential items to have at hand.

7. Umbrellas

Even if your wedding is indoors, consider buying umbrellas. If you buy matching umbrellas (in your wedding accent color or clear) for everyone in your wedding party, then you wont need to worry about it on the day of your wedding. They can actually be really cute! And some people say that rain on a wedding day is good luck.

8. Bustle your dress

Make sure that one of your bridesmaids knows how to bustle your dress properly. Each dress is different and this can be very tricky, you’ll want to build in enough time into your wedding day schedule to bustle properly before you need to go to your reception. If the dress store associate shows you how to bustle your dress, take notes or even consider having someone take a video on your phone so that on the day of the wedding, you have a reference point.


Remember to have fun! This day is about celebrating your love for one another, so relax. It’s OK to be goofy. Laughter calms the nerves and makes the photos real. You’ll cherish the candid photos as well as the posed ones where everyone is being themselves.


One of the most common things brides and grooms say about their wedding is that it goes by so fast. (That’s why photos are so important, you’ll be looking back on these memories for a lifetime) Taking just 10 minutes, just the two of you before the reception, will help you appreciate your day while you're living it. Pause, breath, and live in the, “oh my gosh, were actually finally doing this” moment.

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